Who am I?

  • Just a guy who types what he thinks as he thinks. It’s not always going to be grammatically correct and it may not even read the way I intended it. I’m not a professional writer so don’t expect professional grammar, type or style. 🙂
  • I swear like a sailor. It’s not big or clever, but sometimes it helps me to express myself. Or feel better. Or both.
  • I’ve had quite a few jobs. Presently I work in the pharmaceutical industry. Blog: Pharmaceuticals overpriced?
  • When I was young I read a lot. Now I’m older I still read a lot, except most of what I read now comes from the internet, not books. Oh, I like to watch Youtube and Twitch too.
  • I’m a bit of a technophobe and love my technology. If my wallet allows, I like being the first to try something new – albeit with less expensive tech. Lately I’m into smart plugs and lights.
  • I don’t tolerate fools very well. In fact, not at all.
  • Trolls make me laugh. If you would like to see a very good anti-troll I suggest you check out Dom Joly’s twitter feed here. Dom is an expert at weeding them out.
  • I’m of the age whereby I know it’s not all about me. I’m a little insignificant part of this big bad universe and my sneezes make absolutely no difference to it whatsoever. I also believe the same is true of everyone else. And no one individual is better than any other.
  • We all deserve respect and courtesy regardless of religion, skin colour,sexual preference or gender. If you don’t agree with this part then choose your words wisely if you leave comments. They may get deleted.
  • I’m completely non-religious for my own reasons, but mostly because I choose to be. Blog: Do you need religion?
  • I don’t do politics. My blogs will not be focused on this subject, but may chip at the edges.