Highway to…in front of you!

Recognise your driving in the above video? WARNING: Coarse language used.

Drivers, although constantly told not to use their phones whilst driving, do. In some countries it’s illegal to drive whilst using your phone. It doesn’t stop them though. Because, according to them, what does the law know? Traffic lights turn red, drivers go through like they are immortal and have a wish to try and kill themselves. Car drivers wishing to turn. I mean it will save them at least two minutes of their journey right? It could kill them, but you know. Traffic light Russian roulette. They think it is okay to overtake then dive across three lanes of traffic, because they must be in front of you. Their need to get where they are going is greater than your need. Of course in most countries it is illegal to drink (alcohol) and drive. But there are those people who think it’s okay. Until they kill someone, or themselves. Even though they are constantly told NOT to drink and drive they think that they are above the law.

There are times when I sincerely believe I am not human. When I see the kind of things I mention above I really do question humankind and it’s incessant need to destroy itself and the planet it lives on.

If your greater need whilst driving your car means that you have to put your life, those in your car and others in danger before anything else, you should either be on a train or a plane. Not driving like an idiot on the public roads. If you really must get ONE place in front, you need to learn patience. If you really can’t wait at a red light for two minutes then why are you driving?

If you recognise the style of driving above and you drive like this, then perhaps you should take a good hard long look at what you can do to improve your driving and do everyone else a favour and take yourself off the road for now. Or use public transport.

So my short but sweet proposal is this. An island somewhere. Anywhere. Uninhabited. Perhaps an old militray installation. Put all these people there and let them get on with it. sort out their driving skills, thinking skills. If they make it they’ll live. If they don’t…well, theres plenty more people to replace them.