CCTV and Random Rants and Notes


I’ve recently installed a CCTV camera. It didn’t cost much, on the grand scale of things, and can be accessed from the internet if I so choose. It was a great purchase and gives me a little extra security in the knowledge that should someone be up to no good in my hood (lyrical gansta!) I may be able to identify them to the police with an extra special dollop of more chance of them getting caught by our local constabulary.

Cats. I’m not a fan. Yes they are cute and cuddly and make me laugh, but their poo stinks and most recently they keep activating my CCTV. Of course if I were to be fortunate enough to catch a cat doing something funny in front of my camera, all would be forgiven for a day or two at least. But until such a time, please stay away from my garden and my CCTV!

Something else that becomes a bit clearer with CCTV is the changes in the weather and sunrise/sunset. It was only what seems recently that sunset was about 10pm. Now it’s 9pm and it’s only early August. A reminder that time waits for no one. And it’s raining again. It must be summer!

Have you used Google Maps Streetview yet? I suggest you do and take a look around your neighbourhood. One thing I spotted, living close to a supermarket petrol station (gas station in the US) is how the prices have changed over the years. It’s remarkable how much the area has changed in some respects over such a relatively short period of time. New shops, frontages, hedgerows removed, flowers/weeds bigger, grass changed for gravel, paving added/removed, a lick of paint and new cars. Imagine if where you lived still looked exactly the same as it did when you moved there, assuming it was over 3 or 4 years ago. Wouldn’t life be boring?

So, it seems my employer has a new policy for advertised roles. Don’t take the best person for the role, take the most convenient. I’m not going to go into detail here, but mind blown! I would expect people to get a role based on proven competency. I proved I was competent, but unfortunately for me, I wasn’t convenient. Sad reason not to be given a chance, but true. And it sends the wrong message to the rest of the employees. Sometimes I really wonder why I even bother! I have so much more I can offer them. Alas, my chance will come so everyone keeps telling me.

Of course, after the bad news I get home from work and some fuckwit fool decides they need to have scaffolding installed at gone 6pm. So here they are drilling holes in the fricking wall while I try to chill after a busy day at work. But don’t fricking mind me. All fricking day to install it, but nope. Wait till the idiot gets home then we can annoy him!! (I know it’s not like this in reality, but it still sucks!). FFS!!

Another day another dollar. Speaking to a colleague at work about old TV programs and how TV in my day was much better than the reality tripe they put on nowadays. I’m sure those of a certain age remember things like The A Team, Knightrider, Airwolf, Dukes of Hazard, Starsky & Hutch, CHiPS, Bullseye, Price is Right, Blankety Blank etc. Great Saturday night entertainment for the family. Proper programming. Anyway, we got to talking about Dallas and Dynasty when it suddenly dawned on me that Game of Thrones is the modern day equivalent of Dallas or Dynasty. I’m not a fan of GoT myself, but I do see similarities albeit in a fantasy world as opposed to an oil field or farm. Even the sex appeal thing is the same (males remember Lucy in Dallas!?). Women liked Patrick Duffy (Bobby Ewing). Who incidentally also played the Man From Atlantis a short running series from the 70’s.

Why do other people always seem to get deliveries early in the day, yet I always seem to have to wait until late afternoon for mine? The only time I get early deliveries are when I’m not in. “Sorry we missed you!”

I like listening to music to chill me out on a Sunday evening. I especially like 60’s stuff but I still enjoy other decades. The 80’s was a wonderful decade too. So many different genre’s in the Top 40’s unlike today where its mostly rap. Also the other noticeable difference these days is that most songs seem to always have “Ft xyz, abd, etc” where as in earlier years songs where usually only credited to the original singing artist or group, not anyone who makes an appearance in the music video like today. Today it’s unusual to see a lone artist name on a song. Well I say song….a topic for another day.

And as it’s Sunday, a final shout out to the tw…idiot that decided we should work 5 days a week and have 2 days off!! You plonker!!


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