Millionaire Youtubers


If you didn’t see my Things I Like page yet [here], you won’t have noticed that one of the things I like to watch is @Syndicate aka ProSyndicate or Life of Tom (real name Tom Cassell). This guy has made millions from YouTube. More specifically from his subscribers who see adverts in the videos they watch of Syndicate, for which Syndicate gets paid. This is how all successful YouTubers get paid.

You may or may not have heard of PewDiePie (real name Felix Kjellberg), recently in the news because Disney have withdrawn their affiliation with him after he posted anti-Semitic comments. This guy has 53 million subscribers on YouTube. That, by any standard, is a lot of people watching his videos. He reportedly makes £12 million ($15 million/€14 million) a year just from YouTube.

Syndicate has over 2.4 million followers who watch his Twitch streams. A similar system works there, whereby he gets paid for advertising during his streams. Syndicate has earned enough money from Twitch and YouTube to build his own house, which I hasten to add, is very nice. He also bought a nice a car, although compared to some it is quite mediocre, an Audi TT. He bought his grandad a Jaguar, because his grandad had always dreamed of owning a Jaguar. Syndicate video logs (vlogs) daily. He also has a few businesses. One is called SyndicateOriginal which is an online clothing shop. The other lesser known business is 3BD (3 Black Dot). This is a business which..well I’ll let you read the about page on the website. Basically what it boils down to is that it makes games. The games are driven by influencers, who also happen to be successful YouTube gamers, of which Syndicate is one. One other business which Syndicate ran with Tmartn (another YouTube gamer who is successful and is also an influencer with 3BD) was CSGO:Lotto. You may have also read about this in the media regarding the controversy surrounding the gambling aspect and other so-called controversies which I am not going to get into here. Albeit, these other controversies and media coverage where more about similar sites, not CSGO:Lotto itself.

Yet another YouTuber I feel I should introduce to you is The Mighty Jingles (formerly Bohemian Eagle). I’ve watched his videos for years. He mostly talks about World of Tanks, which is a game I play. He also talks about other games (World of Warships, Armoured Warfare, WoW, The Division), chats about his previous Navy lifestyle and is generally an entertaining fellow. His delivery is second to none and its his delivery that entertains me. He is by no means as famous or wealthy as PewDiePie or Syndicate. (That said, he does get queues of people at Bovington Tank Museum’s Tankfest wanting his autograph!) However, YouTube and his Navy pension keep him comfortable. You can check out his YouTube channel here. His World of Tanks stuff can be quite entertaining if you like that type of game.

One of my work colleagues said to me that he couldn’t understand why people would watch this stuff (YouTube/Twitch). I explained that it is entertainment that some people find entertaining.
Something he’s liked for years is the group Kiss. Not my thing, but apparently his. I said that there are those out there that don’t like Kiss (amazing I know) and cannot understand why so many people would like them. He said they are entertaining and have millions of fans worldwide. I then explained that this is almost exactly what YouTubers/Twitch streamers are. It’s just that the form of entertainment is different. Let’s face it, some people liked the Rolling Stones, millions in fact. But there where/are those that can’t stand them. YouTube and Twitch and other forms of streaming/non-streaming video media are the modern equivalent of the Stones or Elvis or Michael Jackson or The Beatles.

I find some amazing entertainment on YouTube, some more worthy of television than the stuff that appears there. I’m looking at you Big Brother, IACGMOOH, Strictly Come Dancing etc. Television stations have editing facilities and producers and lots of staff. These guys are mostly one man bands that use their PC’s for the editing with some software. Syndicate actually uses his iPhone to do his first cut editing of his vlog. How cool is that?! Sure, there is even better edited YouTube content out there. Part of the fun of YouTube is finding it. I’ve seen some amazing work that must have taken the people who made it ages. Syndicates editing is more simplistic. The Mighty Jingles editing is more polished. I’ve never seen any PewDiePie stuff, so I have no idea what his editing style is.

I suppose before I finish I should point out that not everyone YouTubes or Twitch streams for the money. There are those that make a living from it, but unless you are very successful you won’t be living off your earnings. There are those that just do it for fun and happen to make a living from it. And why not? Good luck to them I say. Thankyou for entertaining me and the rest of the internet.



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