Equality for women?

Ok, to start us off something that we (a work colleague and I) recently spoke about.

Women want equality and that’s a good thing. Women deserve equality. However, let me just mention one point that cropped up at my work place.

In my work, there is some heavy lifting involved. Whilst this does not exclude women in itself, it does mean that the role is more suited to males. Big males. Yes, there are women who would be more than capable of doing the lifting. Yes, they should be paid the same as the males. And they would at my workplace. But you see, would it be wrong if a woman was in the role for three fully grown men to let the woman lift the heavy object without doing anything to help? Is this not what equality means also? I’m all for equal pay and equal opportunities for women. Sometimes there may be other aspects that prevent total equality. (Should you happen to know a woman who needs a job in pharmaceuticals and has no problem lifting heavy items, please do let me know!)

Actually funnily enough, having recently had a hernia operation, I find I’m the one asking the women that we already have there to help me lift things! Irony!! Incidentally, both woman working there (in my area) at present are around 5’3″ (160cm) and 9st (126lbs) or less.

Footnote: My apologies if I have worded/phrased something incorrectly here. It was not intentional. I know what I meant to say, but sometimes translating that into print and getting the message across without being misunderstood can be a difficult task. Trolls and idiots leave now.


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